Eloda Automotive Parts

Product development is conducted according APQP guidelines and IATF 16949 requirements


ELODA d.o.o. is Croatian leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts such as various switches and indicators.
ELODA was founded in 1983. as a small family workshop manufacturing hydraulic brake light switches.Dynamic growth started in early nineties with special impact on following aspects:

  • Implementation of quality management system, process planning and promoting development capabilities

  • Improvement of organizational structure

  • Expansion of product range

  • Assurance of resources

  • Improvement of electronic data processing

  • Growing contacts with renown European manufacturers in automotive field

  • Development and supply of hydraulic brake light switches for FTE Automotive

  • Development and supply of various kind of switches and indicators for Robert BOSCH

  • Development and supply of pressure switches for WABCO Europe

  • Development and supply of brake light switches for CONTINENTAL Teves

  • Development and supply of mechanical switches for ZF Friedrichshafen


Product development is conducted according APQP guidelines and IATF 16949 requirements and is carried out with purpose of adopting new product or improvement of an existing one.

Decision for development is made on the basis of customer’s requirement or as a result of an autonomous market research. The basic aim is to prove that product fulfills all the requirements with regard to safety, reliability, ergonomics and protection of environment.

All the products are results of highly defined development requirements as well as of continuous improvement of quality and manufacturing process.

Our aim is to be better, quicker and more flexible to fulfill the highest customer’s expectations.


Processing by fragment separation:

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Drilling

  • Grinding

Processing by plastic deformation of metal:

  • Cutting

  • Bending

  • Thread rolling

  • Injection moulding of plastics

  • Thermal processing

For processing by fragment separation or plastic deformation ELODA develops and manufactures tools.

We use CNC technology for processing metal.


ELODA d.o.o. is certified according IATF 16949 standard and therefore procurement process is in compliance with it’s requirements.
All potential suppliers have to be certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. All supplied materials and services used in production have great impact on quality of ELODA’s products. Therefore with each delivery supplier must obtain and submit objective evidence that delivered materials/services are in the compliance with previously established quality and environmental requirements. All suppliers are periodically assessed depending of delivered product type and quality of previous deliveries.

ELODA uses following material and services:

  • steel sheets and bars for machine processing

  • copper sheets and bars and copper alloys

  • polymers

  • contact materials

  • technical springs

  • sealing material and products

  • screws and rivets

  • usluga galvanske zaštite

  • anti-corrosion protection

  • other materials and services

Tools and measuring equipment are purchased on the basis of experience, references and previously known product quality of specific brand. The quality it self is determined by documentation (TDS, calibration reports, etc.) which must be submitted with delivered goods, incoming inspection and by follow up during exploitation. With all delivered tools and measuring equipment, evidence of it’s environmental acceptability must be submitted.

Quality management

In order to achieve business goals, company ELODA through quality management system implements following quality policy:

  • determine the degree of customer satisfaction and improvement measures

  • clear division of responsibility and authority for implementation of all elements that affect the quality

  • providing staff with all the necessary general, professional and specialized knowledge to effectively  perform tasks and support the quality management system

  • ensure optimum material, spatial, technical and other requirements for all stages of product manufacture from defining requirements to dispatch

  • promoting and maintaining a creative climate, working conditions and motivation for an active attitude towards functioning and development of the system

  • providing material safety of employees and opening prospects for advancement

  • effective implementation, documentation, analysis and improvement of all activities arising from the manual and related procedures and work instructions

  • systematic monitoring of market demands and requirements, planning, initiating and evaluating the effects of development activities

  • monitoring technological achievements and introduction of optimal technical solutions for quality assurance at development, production and quality control

  • including all activities in an integrated information system

Our Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001 :2015

Enviromental management

Due to increasing knowledge that environmental pollution in the first place endangers man himself, ELODA company has established environmental policy that is committed to:

  • continuous harmonization of environmental management with legal regulations and its compliance

  • conservation of natural resources with economic development that does not endanger the environment

  • rational use of resources

  • continuous education of workers in order to fully understand environmental management system

  • maintaining the highest level of control over factors that affect the environment in the processes of development and production

  • continuous improvement of production using high technology and the introduction of modern methods of control of the production process to prevent negative impacts on the environment

  • continuous improvement of environmental management results and anti-pollution by preventive measures

  • efficient disposal of existing waste without emergence of a new one

  • clear division of responsibility and authority for implementation of all elements that influence the environmental management system

  • ensure optimum material, spatial, technical and other requirements for environmental management

  • encouragement and motivation to maintain an active attitude towards environmental management

  • poticanje i održavanje motivacije za aktivan odnos prema upravljanju okolišem

  • integration of environmental management requirements of Quality Management System

  • constant monitoring in order to achieve set goals

ISO 14001

Our Enviromental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015